AIDA MSP Series - Multi-Suspension Points Presses

The AIDA MSP presses allows to produce high precision and high-efficiency motors such as EV motors, HEV motors and energyefficient home appliances motors. AIDA MSP presses are characterized by a remarkable dynamic precision due to both the compact design and the multiple suspension points architecture in line, to the native AIM function (Adjust In Motion) and to the balance reached between the high rigidity and the large surface of bed area. The AIDA MSP presses guarantees unsurpassed accuracy and the longest die life thanks to the lowest deflection characteristics. Moreover, the areas that transmit the press the forming loads, such as the connecting rod bearings and the crankshaft bearings are all made from special metals selected to avoid heat deformations. Press features and benefits: • Ideal for production of parts featuring thicknesses less than 0,20 mm • Multiple suspension points • Oil temperature control unit • Caliper type clutch and brake • Highly rigid frame • Highly rigid guidepost • Adjust In Motion function (AIM)

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