Extremely fast and precise, the MAK4 EVO series panel bender allows the bending of high thicknesses. The machine is particularly suitable for all companies that work on behalf of third parties and for all industrial realities that produce bent parts of large dimensions Sturdy mechanical structure, precise driving systems, powerful motors, three-dimensional graphic programming, options such as the upper rotating bending table, automatic tool changer and up and down bending system guarantee surprising results and extreme flexibility of use.

The processing of large formats can be carried out by a single operator and thanks to the UP and Down technology the positive and negative folds are performed automatically without requiring the laborious times of overturning the piece.

The possibility of equipping the machine with an automatic tool change system (optional) makes the machine extremely flexible and able to work small batches of a few units without paying downtime for machine set-up.

Semi-automatic tangential panel bender Mak 4 Evo

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