Tangential folder and variable blade folder

Ideal solution for bending thin sheets with low investment costs, maximum precision, ease of use and very low operating costs.

In the Power Bend Universal, a completely electric machine, there are all the accessories for perfect bending flexibility and precision

UP system

It allows the creation of positive folds without manual accompaniment of the sheet, which always remains flat on the work table for ease of execution of the products. The bending sequence is managed by the blade which automatically changes position to perform the shapes and degrees required by the numerical control

Front-to-back machine operation

Access from both sides of the machine, intelligently managed by the safety photocells and the control pedals, allow you to make the most of the bending potential of the system, designed for the production of narrow profiles, large panels, medium-sized little ones.

Sheet support and centering table

Innovative solution that allows the support of the sheet, its precise centering before bending and the manipulation on a ball plane even of very large notches with a single operator.

Additional side strikers allow easy access and centering even of very narrow and long profiles. Retractable references on the work surface integrate precision and ease of manipulation. Very compact and functional layout.

Tangential folder and variable blade folder

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