SmartLink Brackets with automatic motorised adjustment for press brake manufacturers

Available with IRIS and IRIS Plus systems, SmartLink Brackets automate the process of adjusting and positioning the transmitter and receiver during tool change. The SmartLink Brackets incorporate a compact motorised drive system that is interfaced with the CNC system* for simple one-touch operation. During tool change, the operator can press a HOME button on the CNC screen to drive the transmitter and receiver to the top position so punches can be removed and loaded from the ends of the machine. Once a new punch has been installed, the operator simply starts the bend program and the brackets automatically drive the transmitter and receiver to the programmed punch position before the IRIS / IRIS Plus system automatically scans the punch and dynamically adjusts the protection zone. If tools are loaded from the front of the machine, then simply starting the new bend program will signal the brackets to drive from the current position to the new punch position without having to return to the HOME position.

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