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Torino (TO)
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Orchestra is an innovative SME that provides digital solutions specifically designed for Industry 5.0 projects of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.
RETUNER®, its suite of products, is a turnkey digital solution that interconnects machinery and plants to corporate ICT systems, to help entrepreneurs build their own production monitoring and control system.
RETUNER® features are:
- multi-protocol interconnection with all new and existing machines
- remote monitoring, control and diagnostics of machinery, systems and plants
- definition, planning, progress, tracking and production control in real time
The Next Generation version of RETUNER® allows the creation of digital services on the machine to support operators and maintenance technicians in production through AR and AI applications according to the new Industry 5.0 paradigm.
In Italy, RETUNER ® guarantees access to the tax credit for the purchase of new capital goods. Abroad, the company operates under the name of RETUNER GmbH, the German branch based in Nufringen, at the offices of its partner Nadella, a historic company specializing in precision mechanical handling. With Nadella, Orchestra has started a collaboration aimed at digitizing components, systems and subsystems for manufacturing.

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